What I Learned Shipping my First International Painting

Hey everyone! I recently shipped my first painting overseas – the piece Metropolis -(international artist now, better recognize) from the United States to Singapore. In this video, I’ll talk about the costs and the materials I used to ship.


+++ What?

I shipped a 24” by 36” by .8” canvas painting from Arizona, USA to Singapore via USPS.

+++ Costs:

Materials – $60, but I had leftover materials for another item.
Shipping – $98, but included shipping insurance to cover the item.
FedEx quoted me $550 to ship, and UPS quoted my over $700. All for the same item.

+++ How?

I shipped my painting in a sturdy cardboard box. I got the box from Uhaul for about $5. I used a mirror box that was 37” by 27” by 4”, which was slightly bigger than the painting itself.

I wrapped the painting in pallet wrap, then wrapped it in cardboard, then one layer of small bubble wrap, then large bubble wrap, with a sheet of cardboard on each side of the painting to fill the gaps in the box. I also taped over every seam so moisture wouldn’t get in the box.

+++ Materials Used to Ship

– Sturdy Cardboard box
– A spare box that I cut to size to create a skin over the painting
– Pallet Jack Wrap (professional grade plastic wrap, got it at Uhaul)
– Two sizes of bubble wrap
– Good Packaging tape (don’t go cheap!)

Hopefully this helps!

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