“The hidden imagery behind great chaos, with the passion of uncertainty being reviled thru the black red and white colors . This picture jumped out at me. It only took a second to know I loved it.”

Josh E., Peoria Az

Bold Lines

Bold Lines by Coty Schwabe

Here is a picture your painting hanging in my house! I love it . Thanks so much.

Kelly P., Peoria, Az

Melting Crimson

Thanks Coty Schwabe for your Melting Crimson Schwabe original! Goes perfect in our room.

Moana C., Glendale, Az

Born of the Earth

Great piece of abstract impressionism…reminds me of trying to find my way through the thick trees and brush to get to my favorite fishing spot on the river.

Ken B., Colorado

Impulse, Timeless & Mercury

I’m absolutely elated with the pieces, and each hangs conspicuous and they are just wonderful. I grin a little each time I see Mercury, a wow on Impulse and a sense of calm walking by Timeless which is at the top of the stairs just outside our master bedroom door.

Jim T., Gilbert Az

Infinite Infinities in a customer's home
Infinite Infinities in a customer’s home

I love how the colors are so simple but compliment each other so well. I love how the picture is on 3 different canvases and it creates a big bright infinity sign. It really completes our living room! Also super appreciated the artist creating a painting based off what we wanted and how quickly he got it to us! Thank you!

Brooke B., Avondale, AZ

Catalyst in it’s new owner’s home

I like how the painting looks like it has movement, the colors work together perfectly, great size… Usually get complements on how it fits the room.

Daniel G.