How to Scale your business fast and effectively with Adwords and Facebook Ads

I got you Fam:

Here’s how to grow your business with Adwords and Facebook Ads. For real though.

What’s covered in the vidya:

How to Scale Your Local Business Fast and Effectively

– what’s not working and what is
– what you’re missing out on and how to avoid it
– why my method and how to do it
A few quick suggestions:
– Simplify
– Focus
– Value
Why You Should Listen to Me
– I’ve tried a lot things and I’ve learned a lot of lessons…
– I’m a trained copywriter, worked with Adwords, and mentored in Facebook Ads
– I care about helping local and digital businesses grow and here’s why…
What’s Most People are Using
– Print Advertising (mail out flyers, newspaper ads, classifieds)
– Social Media
– SEO/Local SEO
– Content Marketing
What you’re missing out on
Why This over Everything Else?
– faster
– more growth capacity
– sometimes cheaper
– super targeted
– based on your budget
What You Don’t Need
– Fancy websites
– A million tracking programs
– Webinars
– Expensive funnel services
– Multiple Split testing services
Finally My Method
– create great ad
– create compelling offer
– create good looking landing page that forces action


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