The Real Me


Made: 2018

Product Contains: Acrylic/Gloss Enamel, Stretched Canvas

Product Dimensions (in inches): 30″ long by 48″ on 1.5″ stretched canvas

About this Item: This is a one of a kind piece. Acrylic/gloss enamel on canvas. This is NOT a print or copy, it is unique. Signed and dated on the back by the artist. Sides are painted black or continuing colors of the piece. INCLUDES CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.

Final Cost: Price includes Product, Shipping, Handling, and Packaging Material Fees

Hanging: This item ships AS IS. If stretched canvas, I don’t attach wire so that you can hang any direction you want. This piece can easily be hung with one or two small screws or nails, and can be hung either direction (horizontal or vertical). *Items depicted may not be to scale in images.

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The Real Me is a no frills piece that makes a subtle statement about a shift in life and perspective.

It’s All in the Name

The Real Me. Sounds kinda pretentious, but it’s really not. In fact, if there’s one thing I value above many others, its authenticity. The reason behind the name of this piece is because I made it a couple days after deciding to make only pieces that 1) were true to my favorite styles (scraped, mainly), and 2) were what I enjoyed painting.

I came to the realization that I was trying to recreate too many other artist’s styles, and I was doing commissions that I didn’t enjoy. For those commissions, I had to drag myself to the paintings, and force myself to make them. I found very little joy it.

I was also stuck in this cycle of trying to be like every other artist. I would see a style online, and try to recreate it. And it would turn out bad, then I’d get mad for my inability to recreate it, and get frustrated and not want to paint anymore. I’d swear it off… then do it again.

No more.

The Real Me kinda like a Transformer – there’s more than meets the eye (but its not a robot in disguise). The piece is my declaration that I will no longer make paintings I don’t enjoy; there’s no point. If I don’t enjoy the process, it effects the end product. It makes me procrastinate, and push things off, and not try as hard. It’s not fair to me or my customers.

I realized that if I enjoy the process, then, even if I don’t sell my pieces, I enjoyed the creation. To me, that’s more important.

Alright, enough with the soapbox.

Blue and Gold

I was using these colors in a recent commission, and they got all over my gloves. I sat there looking at them for a minute, then decided to go ahead and use them for my own piece. And, following my “epiphany” they’d be the first colors I used in my direction of painting.

I really like these colors. They’re warm and light and airy. It’s easy to look at, and fits in nicely amongst other paintings. It’s not bold, yet it is colorful. And I really enjoy the contrasts of light and dark, and differing medium tones.

I also enjoyed the shapes. They’re erratic and encompassing and frankly – they remind me of continents.

Overall, I like this piece for more reasons than one, but ultimately it comes down to personal opinion.

So what do you think?

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