The Fallen


Made: 2018

Product Contains: Acrylic/Gloss Enamel, Stretched Canvas

Product Dimensions (in inches): 48″ long by 30″ on 1.5″ stretched canvas

About this Item: This is a one of a kind piece. Acrylic/gloss enamel on canvas. This is NOT a print or copy, it is unique. Signed and dated on the back by the artist. Sides are painted black or continuing colors of the piece. INCLUDES CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.

Final Cost: Price includes Product, Shipping, Handling, and Packaging Material Fees

Hanging: This item ships AS IS. If stretched canvas, I don’t attach wire so that you can hang any direction you want. This piece can easily be hung with one or two small screws or nails, and can be hung either direction (horizontal or vertical). *Items depicted may not be to scale in images.

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The Fallen is a balanced piece that is neither fully aggressive nor passive and looks great on a bare white wall.

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Good ole Red and Blue

Right away with The Fallen, you’ll notice it’s red and blue streaks that carry from side to side. Now, what you may not notice right away is the fact that these are somewhat muted compared to many of my other pieces. They actually seem to flow effortlessly from end to end which draws the eyes.

The colors used in the piece are pastel-like, and calming (to me at least). The colors sort of remind me of old red and blue pick up trucks, the ones with the faded colors. Why, I have no idea.

There’s also an interesting balance along the outer edges with the light and dark streaks, which helps the piece not feel too overwhelming or lopsided. Not necessarily intended, but I was definitely happy with.

The colors of the piece I actually did not pick out myself. My seven year old son did.

While I was looking at color schemes online, my son saw this particular one and told me I should do it. (Although, I think the real reason he chose it is because the picture of the colors had a guitar in it and guitars are cool to him…)

So I used ’em.

Lines as Usual

Straight lines are no stranger to me these days, but when I created The Fallen, I wasn’t exactly trying to break the mold. Sometimes that is my goal – to do something out of the ordinary – and sometimes not. Sometimes I just want to make something simple. Not sure if I’m alone in that feeling

With The Fallen, I really just wanted to create a layered piece that wasn’t extremely edgy, and could be hung either direction. Something familiar, but not demanding. I think I got it right on this one.

Who Are ‘The Fallen’?

Who indeed.

I’ll be honest – I don’t always know where the name of my pieces come from. I don’t like to overthink it. Many times I will choose the first name that pops into my head; this one being an example of that.

I think it’s because the piece in a small way seems somewhat patriotic, or at least remind me of the faint hint of police sirens. While this was not my intent, I will say that I could definitely say that it may have influenced the name.

I don’t always agree with action of police or military or the government itself, but I am grateful for people who have given their lives so that we may lives the abundant lives that we live here in America. I’m very grateful for that.

My ultimate hope is that it pulls enough strings in your own heart that you might buy it :-).

What do you say?

Shipping: Paintings are shipped in the most economical manner at the time, which is generally flat rate, protected and professionally packed box, via USPS. No matter where you live, shipping cost is the same, no matter the size. Items shipped within 3 to 5 business days.

Refunds: You can return any piece within 14 days, for any reason. If you buy a piece of art from me and don’t like it, simply contact me within 14 days of receipt and we’ll communicate to get it returned. All I ask is that you send it back. I DO NOT PAY FOR ANY RETURN FEES. Since I pay for it to get there, I cannot afford to pay for it to be returned as well. Once I have received the painting, I will return your money. That easy.