Rusty Anchor by Coty Schwabe


The Story

I’ll be honest – this piece turned better than I expected. I created this piece using the colors that I had recently painted in my house. The orangish-coral color (OK Coral) against the Boat Anchor grey really has a nice contrasting feel to it, you know? I had actually seen the two colors in a home decoration magazine, and thought hey – they look good together. My wife and I ended up painting the walls in our living room these two colors and they looked as good as we had hoped. [You can actually see the pictures on my Instagram :-)]

After we had painted the walls, I hung some of my work. And while it looked good, the room seemed somewhat disjointed. It occurred to me that I needed a piece to bring the room together.

I ended up making two different pieces: One called Dance of Dusk (not yet listed) and this one.

The first piece, a Pollock style piece, was nice, but heavy in grey. I put that piece against the coral wall.

This one, I wanted to be outlined in the coral so that I could pit it up against the grey wall and have it stand out.

Why I like this piece

There’s a lot of reasons I like this piece, but what I ultimately like is the vertical stripe that goes against the grain. I had initially created it without, then realized that I it was too plain. I then went over it it with my scraper, actually in the same direction, but pulling different colors, and it gave it some real character.

What’s also nice is that this painting could stand either direction. While most of my pieces can, this one in particular looks kinda… i dont know… correct this way. I think its due to the squarish shape.

Another thing is just the overall weathered look that it has. Like worn, painted wood. Its not as bright as some of my other pieces, and actually as a somewhat vintage feel to it.

And of course, it has a small amount of black and white to break up the other colors.

About this Item

This is a one of a kind piece. Acrylic on Canvas. This is NOT a print or copy, it is unique. Signed on the front, as well as signed and dated on the back by the artist. Covered in a high gloss finish. Sides are painted either a solid color that matches the piece, or continuing complimentary colors.

Want a Different Version?

Like the piece but want something a tad different? Maybe a slightly different color scheme or size? No worries! I’d love to work with you in creating a custom piece to fit your home, business, or lifestyle! The final price would depend on materials and size, but if you don’t like the final product – you don’t buy it! That easy.

Contact me today to get your custom piece made ASAP.

*Items depicted my not be to scale in images.

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Made: 2017

Product Contains: Gloss Enamel, Stretched Canvas

Product Dimensions (in inches): 48″ long by 24″ high on 1.5″ thick canvas

Final Cost: Product Price + any additional applicable fees (which may include taxes)

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Free Local Delivery: If you live within 30 minutes of my home in Peoria, Arizona, I will hand deliver your items to you, regardless of how much you buy.

Free State Delivery on Total Orders of $1000 or More: If you buy more than $1000 worth of art (not including tax) in a single transaction, and you live here in Arizona, I will personally drive to your home and deliver it to you! How about that for service?

Shipping in the U.S. and Internationally: Paintings are shipped in the most economical manner at the time, which is generally flat rate via USPS.


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