Eye of the Rift by Coty Schwabe


The Story

This piece was created with no forethought whatsoever to the end result. First I applied a light yellow background, which looked great, and had a suspicion that I wanted to use grey, but how?

So I dabbed my brush in some grey and went to work applying soft brushstrokes to the corners but left a large yellow void in the middle.

I liked the look, but felt it wasn’t complete. I added a couple of simple circles in the middle to bridge the two sides, then the single diagonal slash to fill the space.

What resulted was – to me – an eye looking out. Maybe you see something else? It’s best to look at it face to face to figure it out for yourself.

About this Item

This is a one of a kind piece. Acrylic and latex gloss enamel on Canvas. This is NOT a print or copy, it is unique. Signed and dated on the back by the artist. Covered in a high gloss finish. Sides are painted either a solid color that matches the piece (usually black), or continuing complimentary colors.


This item ships AS IS. I don’t attach wire so that you can hang any direction you want. All it requires is two small screws or nails to hang, and can be hung from the outer frame or the cross bar (I have found this to be the more study way to do it).

Want a Different Version?

Like the piece but want something a tad different? Maybe a slightly different color scheme or size? No worries! I’d love to work with you in creating a custom piece to fit your home, business, or lifestyle! The final price would depend on materials and size, but if you don’t like the final product – you don’t buy it! That easy.

Contact me today to get your custom piece made ASAP.

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Made: 2017

Product Contains: Acrylic, Stretched Canvas, High Gloss Varnish

Product Dimensions (in inches): 16″ long by 20″ high on 3/4″ thick canvas

Final Cost: Product Price + any additional applicable fees (which may include taxes)

Shipping in Arizona is Free! No matter where you are in Arizona, shipping is free, no matter the size. Item shipped within 3 to 5 business days.

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Shipping Internationally: Shipping anywhere outside the US is a flat $120. This includes insurance up to the value of the item, to protect both the buyer (You, hopefully) and the seller (me, silly).