Distant Memories


Made: 2018

Product Contains: Acrylic/Gloss Enamel, Stretched Canvas

Product Dimensions (in inches): 72″ long by 36″ on 1.5″ stretched canvas

About this Item: This is a one of a kind piece. Acrylic/gloss enamel on canvas. This is NOT a print or copy, it is unique. Signed and dated on the back by the artist. Sides may or may not be painted. INCLUDES CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.

Final Cost: Price includes Product, Shipping, Handling, and Packaging Material Fees

Hanging: This item ships AS IS. If stretched canvas, I don’t attach wire so that you can hang any direction you want. This piece can easily be hung with one or two small screws or nails, and can be hung either direction (horizontal or vertical). *Items depicted may not be to scale in images.

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Painting With Softer Colors

I really love painting with bold colors like bright reds, dark blues and even yellow. So sometimes, it’s a stretch – or out of my comfort zone – to paint with softer, lighter colors. Many would say feminine colors, which I might agree with, but not necessarily so. Everyone’s tastes are different.

With this piece, I tasked myself with using colors I dont tend to gravitate to; namely pink and purple. I love gold and white, but the former, I haven’t used a whole lot of, comparatively speaking. But my wife and daughters and many friends like these colors and I thought it was high time I break my usual color schemes and try something different.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Scraped with Loops and Lines

One thing I love about abstract painting is that every piece – even using the same colors and techniques – comes out different each time. I used my typical scraping methods on this piece, and I love the results.

But one thing that I was not expecting were the little loopy undertones behind the top layers of paint. If you look in the pictures above, you can see the little loops of purple and pink that make this piece a little different than the other scraped pieces I’ve done.

What thrills me about this, is that no matter how many times I use a particular style, I tend to get different results. I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s pretty exciting.

Now all that’s left is for you decide if this pink and purple beauty will fit in your home. Am I right?

Shipping: Paintings are shipped in the most economical manner at the time, which is generally flat rate, protected and professionally packed box, via USPS. No matter where you live, shipping cost is the same, no matter the size. Items shipped within 3 to 5 business days.

Refunds: You can return any piece within 14 days, for any reason. If you buy a piece of art from me and don’t like it, simply contact me within 14 days of receipt and we’ll communicate to get it returned. All I ask is that you send it back. I DO NOT PAY FOR ANY RETURN FEES. Since I pay for it to get there, I cannot afford to pay for it to be returned as well. Once I have received the painting, I will return your money. That easy.