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Made: 2018

Product Contains: Acrylic/Gloss Enamel, Stretched Canvas

Product Dimensions (in inches): 72″ long by 36″ Unstretched, 66″ by “30” if stretched on 1.5″ wooden frame

About this Item: This is an original abstract, and a one of a kind piece. Acrylic/gloss enamel on Canvas. This is NOT a print or copy, it is unique. Signed and dated on the back by the artist. Sides may or may not be painted. INCLUDES CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.

Final Cost: Product Price + any additional applicable fees (which may include taxes)

Shipping: Free Shipping Worldwide. Discounts to Arizona residents (read more here.)

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The Lost City of Atlantis

As a kid, I remember watching cartoons and reading comics that talked about the lost city of Atlantis. That it was once on land and very prosperous and lively, but then it sunk and the people lived on either as mermaids OR they now live in a giant glass bubble.

I also remember seeing all the colors in this supposed ancient city, filled with fish and life, and how supposedly abundantly wealthy they were even though they kept to themselves.

The reason I named this piece Atlantis, is because it reminds me of that city and things in and around it.

When I look at this piece, I see the bright greens and blues of the fish in those depictions of Atlantis. Like schools of blue tangs (Dory anyone?). You’ll also notice small hints of silver that remind me of the treasure in that city and, moreover, the way that fins shine as they pass through the water. Even the movement of the piece itself is like the motion of the ocean, and how it ripples in the current.

But is it for you?

This is a solid piece that looks great either direction. It’s not as modern as some of my other pieces, nor as aggressive. I think this piece will fit right into a home that has sealife or is decorated as such, or fans of blue and green (Seahawks fans, I’m calling you out, lol).

Either way, get it while you can. 🙂


This item comes UNSTRETCHED, meaning flat on the canvas. Creating my paintings on unstretched canvas allows for different effects that cannot be achieved on stretched canvas (canvas on a frame). The advantages to selling this piece unstretched are twofold:

It’s cheaper and easier to ship. For unstretched pieces, I can offer lower prices for the sheer fact that shipping large pieces is expensive no matter how I do it.

Also, you can decide how to stretch it. With raw canvas, you can have a wooden frame made for you by a local framing shop or made with stretcher bars and have it stretched over that.  OR you can have it put into a large glass frame and hang it that way. Really, it depends on your tastes, but it’s your decision to make.

The piece allots for 3 inches on each side to be stretched on a gallery style frame (1.5″ thick).


This item ships AS IS. I don’t attach wire so that you can hang any direction you want. This piece can easily be hung with one or two small screws or nails, and can be hung either direction (horizontal or vertical).

Want a Different Version?

Like the piece but want something a tad different? Maybe a slightly different color scheme or size? No worries! I’d love to work with you in creating a custom piece to fit your home, business, or lifestyle! The final price would depend on materials and size, but if you don’t like the final product – you don’t buy it! That easy.

Commission me today to get your custom piece made.

*Items depicted may not be to scale in images.

Shipping in the U.S. and Internationally: Paintings are shipped in the most economical manner at the time, which is generally flat rate via USPS. No matter where you live, shipping is free, no matter the size. Item shipped within 3 to 5 business days. Paintings are shipped in the most economical manner at the time, which is generally flat rate, protected and professionally packed box, via USPS.


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