Open Call for Artist Interviews

To my artist friends who sell their artwork:

Got a second?

Hey everyone, Coty here.

I’ve been thinking for a while that I’ve wanted to reach out to other artists, to maybe help them promote themselves, and here’s why:

Recently I’ve been feeling like I’m stuck on an artistic island…

Marooned. Abandoned. Helpless.

(Like Tom Hanks in Castaway…) WILSONNNN!

Here’s what I mean:

I make all this art – and people say its great – but VERY FEW actually buy it.

I mean – I’m making it – and I think it’s good – and I’m trying my damnest (pardon my French) to sell it…

But it just stacks up in my house. And in my garage. And kids’ rooms.

Months go by and I make nominal sales at best.

Some months none at all.

And it seems like there’s an infinite ways to promote with ads and video and social media and stuff…

…But nothing really helps.

Kinda depressing. Makes me wonder if I should stop altogether…

But I refuse to back down. To admit defeat.

Anyway. I digress.

I was thinking the other day that I’m probably not alone in this feeling…

That there are probably others that could use a hand promoting their art too.

Like, what if – picture this – I could lend you a hand…


And maybe – JUST MAYBE – it would benefit us both?

Wouldn’t that be swell?

It’d be the bees knees, I reckon. The cat’s meow.

So what’s the plan, man?

Welp, I’ve decided to start doing some artist interviews on my blog at

And if you’d like some free traffic (hopefully – I mean my site isn’t exactly Amazon over here with visitors)…

…Then I’d love to invite you to answer a few questions for me, and I’ll post your interview to my blog.

You get free exposure, with pictures and a link back to your site.

Cool beans? Cool beans.

It’s that easy.



If you’re interested, message me, or comment “I’m in” in the comments below, and I’ll send you the questions to answer with instuctions (that don’t self-destruct).

And again – nothing to buy or anything. Just good karma.

I know this might seem like a sales pitch but that’s only ’cause I’m a trained copywriter, lol.

old habits die hard. With a vengenace…

So whattya say, chum?

You in?

I look forward to hearing from you, friendo.

All the best,
Coty Schwabe

Ps. I did mention this is free, right? So what do I get out of it?

It’s simple really:

More traffic to my site and more google love. I’m trying to build this website out as much as possible. More pages, more possible Google listings and visitors.

I mean – I built my site as a platform to sell my paintings, but I could get a lot more mileage out of it by adding content, so why not help my fellow artists out?

If you’d like to apply to be interviewed for free, simply leave a comment below or email me at with the subject “Interview Application” with your name and a link to your site, and I will let you know if accepted. It is not guaranteed that I will accept all who apply.

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