Marketing Ideas For Dentists

Are you a dentist looking to attract more patients to your practice, but need some marketing ideas to do it? No problem.

I’d like to share 5 different ways you get more patients on the internet.

  1. Create videos. These days, video is the preferred method of conveying information, although many dental professionals don’t even think about using video for marketing. Looking at the fact that Youtube is the 2nd most trafficked website in the world according to Alexa (as of today), why would you NOT want to be using youtube to get more patients to your practice? Some suggestions are creating virtual tours of your office, testimonials videos of other customers, and a simple introduction video of some of your staff so people can connect real people with your practice.


  1. Submit press releases. Something new and exciting doesn’t have to happen for you to submit a press releases for coverage. Online news outlets are constantly looking for new content, and if you can give them something even new(ish) to talk about, they’ll probably pick it up. You could submit PR’s about new locations, doctors joining, special events and prices, and anything else exciting.


  1. Use pay per click. One of the fastest ways you can attract more dental patients to your practice is with ppc. PPC or pay per click, is the sponsored ads that appear on search engines, social media sites and information sites. These are also sometimes called media buys, although media buys are usually more complex. Just be prepared to pay the money to extensively test your campaigns. (You can also watch the video below)


  1. Start a blog. If you have a website, you can easily start a free blog either on a pre-hosted site like or have your tech person install a self hosted blog onto your domain. This site is an example of a blog. And blogs are a super easy way to share content with people. You can simply create a post like this one, give some great shareable content, and then use social media to drive traffic to it, which in turn links back to your main website. The search engines also love blogs because they are usually constantly updated.


  1. Social Media. As a dentist or dental practice business owner, you probably have the main social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, but those are the only ones! You can also use the power of Pinterest and Google+ to get more visitors to your dental website. Simply make sure that the page you’re sharing has some kind of relevant image on it that will be passed along with the page. If you follow #4, and setup a blog, then you can easily share those pages on social media as well.

Hopefully you got some great marketing ideas out of this post. Be sure to check out my 3 step marketing formula for getting more dental patients with digital marketing. And as promised, the video I mentioned above that talk about getting clients with ppc.

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