Is Abstract Art Easy?

Is Abstract Art Easy?

For most, yes.

Compared to most other forms of art…

It’s easier to pick up and do, especially if you have no previous training (this is why kids can become famous for doing it)…

It’s easier to make in the aspect of time consumption…

I can make a large abstract painting in a few hours, whereas another person might spend days or even weeks on that same size creating a realistic portrait or landscape.

(Now Bob Ross hated abstract, but even he could churn out a whole painted scene in under a half hour – just saying… you could be quick at anything)

It’s easier to market due to its broad definition…

So many things are considered “abstract” that it’s easy to slap some coats of paint on a canvas and send it to market. Same day.

So is it easy?

Unfortunately so.

Any time something is easy – there will be an overabundance of people doing it with the vain hope of succeeding due to their “talent.”

I talk about this with low barrier to entry in this blog post, and how the easier something is, the more crap that comes out it.

Since there are a lot of people doing it, there’s a lot of indiscernible junk out there.

That’s just the way it is.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

There ARE decent abstract artists out there who genuinely care about the craft. They care about the time and quality of the pieces they create. I frequently use Ed (Swarez) as an example. He uses quality materials, plans out his pieces, and provides amazing, personable service. (He’s my unofficial mentor.)

I too hope to be an example of that someday.

So is abstract art easy?

Is Abstract Art Easy?

Is Abstract Art Easy?

If you’re just starting out, and want to make something to say you made it. Yes.

If you don’t honestly care about the quality of the materials or end product. Yes.

If you like putting paint on a canvas and don’t really know or care how it will turn out. Yes.

But if you care about the end product…

…and it tears at your soul to put out something you – as the creator – feel is garbage – even just a little bit…

…and it keeps you up at night thinking about how you will accomplish something new, something greater than what you have done up until this point, or dwelling on how to correct your latest mistake that took a decent painting in the wrong direction…

… And you hate settling for what everyone else is doing…

Then no, my friend.

Abstract Art is NOT easy. At all.


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