Commission Me to do A Custom Painting

Commission Me

Like what I’ve done here? But don’t see EXACTLY what you’re looking for? Contact me today for a specific commission today!

I’d love to create a ONE OF A KIND PIECE to fit your needs. I’ll come up with a unique design (including size, colors, style) to your liking!

Best of all, if you don’t like it, you don’t buy the final product. I don’t believe in satisfied customers, I believe in satisfied friendships.

Contact me now  (or leave a comment on this page) so we can get started right away!

Please include the following:

  • Your Name and the Best Way to Reach You
  • What style you’d like (Scraped ONLY – either layered squares or straight lines) OR the name of a specific piece I’ve done that you’d like for me to recreate (although I will not be able to recreated any piece EXACTLY, I will try to recapture the essence of the piece)
  • The colors you’d like to see it done in
  • The size you’re looking for (currently up to 48 x 72 or 48 x 60 maximum)
  • If you’d like the painting stretched or unstretched (if you don’t know the difference, just ask – i’d be happy to explain)
  • When you’re looking to have the piece created


  1. First we’ll discuss the product (size, colors, style, price, etc.). What ideas, inspirations, and preferences you have about it.
  2. Once discussed, I’ll send you a Commission Agreement within 72 hours. It basically recaps what I’ll be painting for you, so that you can verify it’s what you want. If you agree, you sign it and send it back. If not, we converse until we agree that it is what you want, then you sign.
  3. Once agreed upon, I’ll collect a non-refundable deposit of 40% of the agreed upon price to cover the cost of the materials. Once the project is completed, I will collect the other 60% of the total cost before delivery.
  4. Before creating the actual piece, I will create at least one but up to four smaller, mock versions of the piece to give you an idea of what it will look like. This will be your chance to offer feedback and suggest changes. From start to finish this could take up to four weeks.
  5. The final project, from the date of the signed Commission Agreement, to completion of the piece, can take up to eight weeks.
  6. Once completed, I will send you a picture of the final piece. If any other additions or changes can be made at this stage, I will make ONE SET of revisions.
  7. After any final adjustments, I will send you the final photos. Once you receive them, I will collect the other part of the deposit, and ship the piece to whatever address you chose.
  8. Enjoy your new, unique, only-yours piece!


24″ by 36″ = $450

24″ x 48″ = $600

30″ x 48″ = $750

36″ x 72″ = $1300

48″ x 60″ = $1450

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