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If you’re looking to buy abstract paintings online, there are actually a lot of places that you can find original art. While there are numerous places you can go, in this article I’m only going to list a few of the more popular places to make it easier for you.

I do have a couple other posts available that give additional resources for buying abstract paintings online.


Etsy is a large shop of vintage and handmade items. Most of the things you find in an Etsy store like mine are by creations by a single individual. And one of the most common things you’ll find there happens to be paintings.

Etsy has one of the largest databases for original abstract paintings there is. Because Etsy was made FOR ARTISTS – and especially original creations as opposed to mass produced items – it should probably be the first palce you check. (well kind of, they’ve changed a little over the years, but moving on)

Here are a couple of other things to keep in mind:  Etsy has low listing fees and caters to buyers looking for original (or at least unique/hard to find) items.

Point being – many artists use it as opposed to other online marketplaces because it’s quick to post on, cheap to use, and is geared towards selling unique pieces at a lower cost than say a gallery.

So as a buyer you can tend to find great pieces – even large ones – at low prices because their isn’t much markup to the seller.


Another large scale marketplace to check is Amazon.

As most people know, Amazon is the single largest product selling database on the internet. It has virtually everything. Including art.

While different artists have had mixed reactions to selling on Amazon, seeing as how large it actually is, it’s definitely something to check into. What you’ll most likely find is not original pieces, but more prints and reproductions from overseas.


Outpouring by Coty Schwabe

Outpouring by Coty Schwabe – A small Piece of Red and Black Abstract Art for Sale

Believe it or not, if you’re looking to buy some paintings online, you can also give Ebay a try. While it use to be mostly weird items and hot, in demand products 10 years ago, now EVERYTHING is on Ebay.

And they’ve made it easier to start selling on Ebay by offering the first 50 listings for free, which made it easier for people like painters and other artists, to sell their original pieces to the masses.

Ebay is not generally a place that comes to mind when you think of buying art, but I do see some artists who have success in using it, so again, you can definitely check into it.

Especially with the ability to low bid or buy it now at lower prices, you can to get some real good deals on unique pieces.


I’m going to cut to the chase on this one: This is more for the premium art patron than the casual Sunday art buyer.

Why? Well Saatchi Art is basically an online art gallery. It literally is the modern day, technologically friendly version of a traditional brick and mortar art gallery. They have collections, curators, and they are the mediator in buying and selling an artist’s work.

Which also means higher prices.

Because SA doesn’t charge to list, as most physical galleries don’t, they do have a markup on the pieces to make their money back. Generally, this mark up is 30%. So something you’d see on Etsy – while it might be the same exact piece –  it’ll cost you almost a third more.

The upside for buyers is that it’s a very fluid process, they’re very professional in their dealings, and you’re more likely to find higher quality pieces from well-established artists. You’ll pay premium to get premium. (or something like that ;-))

Another similar site is Artfinder, which doesn’t really require a description as it serves a similar purpose.


Hands down, the best place to find great abstract paintings online, is via an artist’s personal website. (Kind of like mine :-))

This site that you’re on – – is my personal site, and there are a number of reasons why buying from an artist’s site directly would be in your best interest:

1. No additional markups. I don’t have to pay extra when I sell or list, so I don’t have to artificially mark up my prices on this site. What you see here is the base value of the item (with shipping included I might add) and that’s it. My prices are fair and determined based on size, materials, and experience.

2. Direct communication with the artist. When buying through an artist’s site, there’s usually no run around, or wafting through curators or platform moderators. Most artists are updating their site frequently, so they tend to respond very quickly to questions and comments (or at least I do).

3. Request commissions. Some listing sites don’t inherently allow commissions from artists because then they won’t get part of the sale. When you go through an artists site directly, you can request a direct commission from them.

For example, if you wanted to commission me to make you a custom painting then you could make a request for custom sizes and colors, and you would ultimately get what you wanted, as opposed to being limited to JUST BUYING what they have available on a listing site like Ebay. You as the buyer have more control.

To be fair, there are a few disadvantages to buying directly from an artist:

  • There’s usually less reviews. So sometimes it’s harder to judge how well an artist is doing (their credibility) unless they have testimonials to support their work.
  • There’s no extra “guarantees.” Many times, listing sites and selling platforms offer extra layers of protection to the buyer in the forms of satisfaction guarantees or shipping protection and so on. What you get with your personal artist varies from person to person. This isn’t bad by any means, it’s simply something some artist do offer, and some don’t. Or can’t.
  • Smaller selection. By buying from one artist directly you are limiting your selection down to that particular artist’s style. That person – as talented as they might be – can only produce so many different types of pieces based on their skills, talents, and materials. But if you were searching for something like red and black abstract art on Etsy, you could find lots of different pieces by numerous artists, giving you a massive selection to choose from.


Ultimately, where you shop depends on what you’re looking for. Each site offers different things. I’d say the most important thing would be to have an idea of the size and color of the piece you’re looking for (along with a price range), then go visit these sites in turn.

Once you’ve found a dozen possible pieces, narrow it down to one.

And if you don’t find one you like? Commission an artist to make you something unique (maybe me?)

All the best,

PS. If you liked this article, mind sharing it? Or if you’re looking to buy some abstract paintings right now, visit my shop or my portfolio (sold stuff) for an idea. And you shop somewhere else – best of luck!

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