How to attract patients to a new dental practice

How to get Dental patients to come in

Are you a dentist with a dental practice that could use some more dental patients? Great. I’m about to show you my 10 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint that you can use get more clients to ring your phone and walk through the door. Now, this blueprint is for digital marketing – or getting more customers online or from the internet. While there are many great ways to obtain leads and sales from traditional methods, and even unconventional ones, these are not my specialty. My specialty is getting people to find your content on the web and converting those visitors into people who take action. Sound good? Great.

A couple quick notes: First off, this a BLUEPRINT, so it is in chronological order. You may take these actions in whatever you want, and may have done some of these things already. But I place the following steps in a specific order for maximum effectiveness.

Also, you may find other lists out there of ways to get customers. There are some great suggestions out there, and I hope you look around, but what I’m about to show you is a PROVEN, and EFFECTIVE PLAN of how I have amassed thousands of visitors to my sites.

Let’s Begin.

Step 1. Optimize Your Site

You probably have a site, so I won’t beat a dead horse. You now need to optimize it.

  1. Simple layout trumps appearance. Header has logo, name and navigation links. Main content goes in the middle, with supporting content (testimonials, pictures, awards) in sidebar(s) or under main content.
  2. Focus on customer. All the content should focus on what the customer will get and why they should take action today. Offer reasons for them to call or come in and what they’ll get if they do.

Step 2. Collect Emails

Email marketing is effective because people are GIVING YOU PERMISSION to contact them.

  1. Sign up with an autoresponder company like Aweber.
  2. Create a new campaign, with a minimal template.
  3. Create a form and put it on your site to collect emails. You want at least one, usually near the top of the page.
  4. Offer something in return for the visitors email address, like advice, special offers, or notice of future events.

Step 3. Create Your local Listings

In all of the major search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo), you can create a local listing to appear in the results of user searches when they look for dental practices like yours.

  1. Go to that search engine and search “local listing.” If yours isn’t already created, create one for free. If it is, claim it.
  2. Fill in the details of your company, along with a few keywords/description of your company.
  3. Do this for all three search engines.

Step 4. Submit to Local Directories

While phone books are dead, their online successors are not. They are actually VERY useful.

  1. Create an account with sites like Yelp, Yp, Manta, and Thumbtack.
  2. Submit your business to these sites, again following similar guidelines to the listings above.
  3. Setup with all four. There are others, but these are the main ones.

Step 5. Send out Press Releases

Press releases aren’t extinct as they seem. In fact, it can get you a surge of traffic in less than a day.

  1. Create an account at and/or These are free sites you can submit to, and they even have paid options to distribute further.
  2. Write (or outsource) a press release based on something new or that has changed within your business. Suggestions: Did you move? Open new location? Hire? Offer new services? Have special prices, or events going on?
  3. Submit your press release to these sites. Mashable also has a list of PR sites you can submit it to as well.

Step 6. Create a Blog

Here, you can create a free blog on a self-hosted site like or Weebly, but I would suggest installing a WordPress blog on your own site. If you have a tech person, have them do it.

  1. Install the blog in a subdomain or directory of your site like this: OR
  2. Blogging in its simplest form is simply sharing information that others will find useful. Create posts about things that people will find useful like tips, ideas, and advice.
  3. Be sure to encourage people to share your content on social media.

Step 7. Use SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the act of making your site look good to search engines so that you get higher placements when others search for things that you offer.

  1. Make sure that your site has the keywords on it that people would search to find you in the first place. Think about it. What would YOU search to find yourself?
  2. Put the main keywords in the Header of your site, in the description, and on the pages of your site. Once a page is good, twice is fine too.
  3. Put those same keywords in the blog of your site, so that those pages can be found as well.

Step 8. Engage Social Media

You need to be sharing your content and engaging with customers where they are.

  1. The major social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn. You can also engage with people on those directory sites listed earlier. Whenever someone leaves a review on your site, a search engine or a listing site, be sure to go back and thank them. This proves you pay attention to your customers.
  2. Post your site and the posts of your blog posts to social media, to drive more people back to your website. Do this EVERY time.

Step 9. Video Marketing

A lot of business owners are either afraid of video, or think nothing of it. Why? When we consume more video now than any other medium.

  1. Create videos and put them on Youtube. You can create simple videos like meet the staff, virtual tours of the facility, social l proof (awards, testimonials) or services you provide.
  2. In the description, link back to your website.
  3. Share those videos on social media.
  4. Post the videos to your site.

Step 10. Pay Per Click

Pay per click is the most direct form of advertising. You pay for people to click on your ads and see your content. It can be costly if you’ve never done it, but it can also yield the fastest, highest results in the shortest time. Each one is vastly different and could not be covered in their entirety here.

  1. Set up ad campaigns on search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Simply search the search engines name +”ads”.
  2. Place ads on social media. Facebook, pinterest, and linkedin are the most effective in placing ads to get visitors to your site.
  3. Place ads on listing sites. Yp and Yelp offer ad platforms that you can advertise on.
  4. When creating ads – offer incentives to visit your site, target specific groups of people (your target market) and give them benefits for visiting today.

And that’s it! Now, I know that this does not go super in depth, because each one would overload you to talk about here, but hopefully it gives you a running start.

If you want a 3 step marketing formula for getting more dental patients, click this link now.

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