Transcript for A Painting to Make You Say Oooohhhhh and may not be accurate

hey everyone Cody here and today we’re

gonna be scraping over an old painting

but I thought I’d show you a painting

that I did that wasn’t on camera so

that’s why if you can’t tell based on

the color but uh I’m gonna be scraping

another painting today so yeah let’s get

to it

okay so this is the painting we’re gonna

be painting over my wife likes the

spinning but I need it so anyway we’re

gonna be using similar colors just

because it’s already dark blue light

blue gold black and then white we’re

just gonna be using blue gold and white

now before I mix the colors let me start

penny I just wanted to show you this

gold cuz it looks awesome it’s got like

these little swirls in there I just

thought it was kind of cool

it’s got like Paisley’s in it almost if

you know what those are anyway let me go

ahead and mix these in then we’ll start

painting so we’re gonna start with the

goal and we’re gonna go ahead and put

the paint onto our trowel here this



we’re going to scrape it across the

whole painting

all right we’re gonna go ahead and do

that all the way down and I could do

this with Plexiglas but the way that it

bends it just doesn’t follow the curve

the way that I wanted to

kind of wish I had a bigger trowel to

to be able to fill the whole thing

all right so now we’re going to move

into blue I mean sorry

and I’m pushing down pretty pretty hard

so with my again


all right so now that we’ve got some

different layers here


I really like arrived like how this is

coming out with these colors I think it

really lightens up the whole piece and

it’s rid of those kind of weird dark

spots that the original


without any of your war paint I’m just

gonna kind of go down and pull it

through just to see we can get a little

more white and gold to show up

a little bit of a little bit of white

over here so I’m gonna do is I’m going

to pull through here one more time mix

those colors a little bit there we go

and so we’ve got a lot of white so what

we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna add

we’re going to do the blue one more time

on the end and then whatever comes out

of the end piece will tie into the

middle with the white to kind of tie in

the later share I hope that makes sense


all the way to the end pull this through

and it looks like we have a little bit

of kind of a slant here so I’m gonna try

to I’m gonna try to fix that a little

bit I’m actually going to a little bit

of blue and white on here just to

balance it out just though just a small

amount just to kind of give it something

to pull through

some of those pieces I think a lot of

this is probably pretty good

just to pull in those colors I just

ripped that on my foot yeah think of


just to tie in some of the corners

yeah I think it’s good all right

and I got pan on my toe so I’m gonna

clean that up but anyway all right guys

so I’m actually really happy with us and

I think that this is probably going to

be more of this style of painting that

you’re gonna see on this channel just

because I’m really happy with these

results if I can find a bigger trowel I

may use that but if not I’ll just keep

using this small one but it’s kind of

take a look at some of the texture here

I’ve got the gold the blue and the white

we’ve got the thin lines I was trying to

capture here got a nice mixture of white

gold and blue this blue is really

prominent I really like it a lot and the

gold has got some nice patches of gold

running through the back it’s really a

light painting it’s not very dark and

it’s not very heavy you know kind of

like that which is it’s very heavy I

don’t know how to explain it but anyway

overall I think it’s kind of a winner

and that’s pretty much it guys I will

catch you guys in the next one

take care guys bye

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