Transcript for ▶ Making a Scraped Abstract Painting and may not be accurate

hey everyone Cody here and today we’re

gonna be doing a scraped painting I’m

going to be using black silver gold and

white I have them left over from the

painting I just did over there which

will be in a separate video the one

before this most likely and yeah so

today we’re gonna do a little scraping

we’re gonna start by doing a silver

background so we’re gonna go ahead our

paint brush to do it looks like brushes

dropping bristles that’s amazing okay so

I couldn’t use that brush

got a nice background you probably can’t

see it too well Silver’s really silver

isn’t very bright so it’s hard to see

the silver it looks like white anyway

we’re gonna go ahead and start and we’re

gonna start with black so we’re going to

just run it along the edge here

and we’re going to pull it through and

we’re gonna be kind of forceful with it

we’re gonna really put some pressure

into pulling this color through

that goes far side

almost not going it up all right so

we’ve got it flipped around we’re gonna

go ahead and run some black on the

others let’s see if we can get to cover

now this is kind of a challenge to do

with these little paintings are these

little canvases these cheaper canvasses

because this is like a value canvas it’s

not a good one

they’re not they suggest so again still

to use is kind of cheap but also like

they sink in so it’s hard to do with

like spray painting sometimes because

they sink in but also because the gloss

enamel doesn’t really have any body to


it’s harder to work with as far as

getting it to the like slide because

there’s it’s not very thick so like

acrylic and oil it’s got the body to us

when you scrape it you know kinda like

has that body to go all the way the

gloss enamels a little more difficult to

work with in that regard what we’re

going to do is we’re going to go ahead

and move on and we’ll come back to the

black so we’re just going to go ahead

and layer on our next layer and then

we’ll go to white and then we’ll go back

to black so we’re gonna push this out

so let’s actually flip around and I’m a

little gold on the top on the top and

then we’ll bring it down move on to

white so let’s get it out to the edges

I’m not too worried about the edges not

being covered I could always just kind

of paint the sides black what I really

want to do is just kind of get some

layers going in here

these colors

okay I’ve got some some designs going

almost so no we’ll move into white

actually let’s do silver again because I

think what I’ll do is black and then

white again and I almost always go from

left to right I don’t know why is this

kind of a thing that I do I can’t I

can’t explain why I do it’s just kind of

my technique I guess it’s just my

preference all right so we’re gonna

carve this layer into the next one and

you can see that it’s kind of mixing the

two layers the silvers starting to fill

in where the gold left off last in the

last layer


okay let’s look around a little too much

anyway so now what we’re going to do

we’re going to do a mix of black and

white I’m just gonna almost make kind

like a Pollock thing but you know just

like a little design that’ll actually

show up in the layers you’ll see we’re

gonna push kinda hard only to kind of

push those layers into each other I’m

not like scraping as hard as I possibly


see now we’re getting they were getting

that wave

all right so probably have with this is

that we’re losing all semblance of other

color so because we put so much black

and white it’s covering pretty much

everything else which I don’t want I do

want the gold and the silver to come

through so we’re gonna go ahead and add

more gold and silver to kind of offset

that and hopefully mix in with these

other colors

and now we’re getting too much too much

silver and gold I don’t think I can win



all right so obviously it’s too light

now and normally yeah I could just stop

and kind of calm as a loss but I really

feel like there’s something here we’re

just not getting it so again to my

better judgment we’re gonna go ahead and

add a final layer we’re just going to

use all of the colors here just a small

amount of each one I know I say small

amount but it’s actually take up like

half the pain so this is a gonna hope

that holding this house pulling these

colors out is going to fix this

I call it slowly and methodically

now I’m losing it uh it’s still it’s

just too light for me I don’t like how

light it is trying to kind of fix it

are you pulling it through and just not


I hope is that I can use some of this

black to kind of

all right I’m done it’s beyond Salvage

little frustrating but it happens so let

me go ahead and show you guys the final

painting I really don’t like I really go

that’s it’s kind of like downward

perspective it’s what it looks like


I don’t know it’s too great for me I

guess it’s not a bad painting per se but

I’m not my favorite but it is what it is

it happens and just move on or start

over or do whatever but that’s it guys

I’ll catch you guys in the next one take

care guys bye

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