Like what I’ve done here? But don’t see EXACTLY what you’re looking for? Contact me today for a specific commission today!

I’d love to create a ONE OF A KIND PIECE to fit your needs. I’ll come up with a unique design (including size, colors, style) to your liking!

Best of all, if you don’t like it, you don’t buy the final product. I don’t believe in satisfied customers, I believe in satisfied friendships.

Contact me now  so we can get started right away!

Please include the following:

  • Your Name and the Best Way to Reach You

  • The colors you’d like to see it done in

  • The size you’re looking for (currently up to 48 x 72 or 48 x 60 maximum)

  • If you’d like the painting stretched or unstretched (if you don’t know the difference, just ask – i’d be happy to explain)

  • When you’re looking to have the piece created

A couple notes:

  • The painting will be a dabbed or scraped painting

  • I will make two versions of the painting, and if you like one of them, you buy one. If you don’t like either one, you don’t buy and we both move on, and I will sell them later on

That’s it.